Vandeventer Community Development Corporation


“Preserving the past with our eyes towards the future”

About Us

Vandeventer Neighborhood is in North central St. Louis, Missouri.  The neighborhood boundaries are Dr. Martin Luther King Drive to the North, Delmar Blvd. to the South, Vandeventer Ave. to the East, and Newstead Ave. to the West.  The 2020 population of Vandeventer was 2,041 people.  The neighborhood housing inventory shows 1,028 houses of which 967 are occupied and 161 are vacant.

Vandeventer CDC primary goal is to ensure the proper and orderly development within the Vandeventer neighborhood as it relates to the North Central Plan, land use permissions and desires of the residents on how the neighborhood is developed.

Vandeventer CDC participates in the North-Central Plan Planning Committee, SLACO and various other organizations and city departments to facilitate infrastructure improvements in the Vandeventer Neighborhood and to ensure city services are delivered equitably.  

Vandeventer CDC three main focuses are:

1.    Create an environment that attracts families back to the neighborhood through our plan on housing quality that leads to wealth building for working families and ensures our elderly residents can afford to stay in the homes they own. 


2.    The neighborhood is safe and secure, that residents ensure their yards are maintained, litter is picked up, and debris in alleys is removed. Hold the City accountable to keep its obligations to the residents to fill potholes, pave sunken spots in alleys, and make sure all streetlights are working properly.  To make sure the residents receive the same equitable services as the rest of the city.


3.    To work vigilantly to ensure that business development is such that the neighborhood needs and desires.